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3.5 USB2.0 External HDD Enclosure, w/external power ada & standing base / CUAT201
3.5 USB2.0 External HDD Enclosure, w/external power ada & standing base


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CUM250 2.5 X-Media Player

Model NameCUM250 2.5 X-Media Player


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This product is a multi-functional av HDD player, with the features of volume delicate and easy to use. It's a good helper for your study, work, entertainment and a good companion for your life.:
*HDD player function: USB 2.0 interface, windows management, be convenient for your study, work and entertainment.
*Playback function: Can play av programs as Mpeg4, DVD, VCD, MP3, CD, etc. And jpg pictures.
*Edit function: Can do the operations as copy, remove, rename, delete, and so on, for the files and folders in the HDD.
*Large capacity: Can adopt the HDD of 20g,40g or 80g. For example: The 40g HDD can save 20,000 MP3 songs or 70 mp4 movies.
*Search playback, repeat playback, a-b segment repeat playback, etc.
*9-picture playback function for the picture,12 kinds of pictures playback transition effect.
*Cvbs/avand VGA video output, can be connected to the TV or computer display.
*TV signal: Pal, NTSC, Auto.
*Full function remote control, more convenient.
*Stereo audio output.
*Portable design: Volume only:132 x 80 x 19 mm, weight:215g.
*Playable programs: MPEG4, DVD, SVCD, VCD, JPEG, MP3, CD-DA
*Video output:1vp-p +/- 0.1(75ohm)

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